Israeli  Journal  of Humor  Research
An  International  Journal

Issue No. 6, December 2014
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Dave Korotkov St. Thomas University, Canada | Lydia Amir The College of Management                   
Academic Studies,Israel Arie Sover Ashkelon Academic College, Israel                       



The Role of Humor Styles in the Clark and Wells Model of Social Anxiety
Nicholas Kuiper Department of Psychology, University of Calgary
Caitlin Comeau, Dana Klein & Nadia Maiolino Department of Psychology
University of Western Ontario London Ontario Canada.


  The development of 3-5-year-old-children’s sense of humor and the relationships
among children’s temperament and parents’ humor style in China

Wen Liu Psychology School, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian, China
Guo-Qi Wen Education and Communication School, Qiqihar, Uninversity, Qiqihar, China
Liang Li  Lianoning Normal University, Dalian, China.


“I have a split personality,” said Tom, being frank: Punning in Tom Swifties.
Anna T. Litovkina Department of Philology, University of Information Technology
and  Management, Rzeszow, Poland.
Stand-up comedy

The use of code-switching in stand-up comedy: Gabriel Iglesias
Lucia Aranda University of Hawaii.


Eli Rozik, Comedy: A Critical Introduction, Brighton: Sussex Academic Press, 2011  
Leah Gilula
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