Israeli Journal of Humor Research - An International Journal
Vol. 1, Issue No. 1, 2012
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The Inaugural Issue
Ephraim Nissan, London, and Arie Sover, Ashkelon                                                                                                        1


Regular Articles

Garden paths, red lights and crossroads: On finding our way to understanding 
the cognitive mechanisms underlying jokes. 

Marta Dynel, Lódź                                                                                                          ABSTRACT                                      6
Other Keywords: Jokes: Taxonomy; Incongruity-resolution mechanisms; Garden paths; Red lights
kind of jokes; Crossroads kind of jokes;


2011: The Sesquicentennial of the Birth of America's Top Hebrew Humorist
The sweat of the (low) brow: New York Immigrant life in Gerson Rosenzweig's
satire. Facets of his Talmudic parody Tractate America

Ephraim Nissan,
London                                                                                                ABSTRACT                                  29 
Other Keywords: Jewish studies; Pastiche; Parody; Satire; Social conditions (immigrants); Trade
union, strikes, immigrants labor. America (perception); America (discovery)

Extreme fear of being laughed at: components of gelotophobia.
Tracey Platt, Willibald Ruch, Jennifer Hofmann,
and René T. Proyer, Zurich      ABSTRACT                                86 
Other Keywords: Clinical psychology; Phobia
Bibliographical Analysis

A tentative evaluation of the spread of humor studies among journals in other domains.
Ephraim Nissan, London                                                                                                ABSTRACT                                107

Book Reviews

Studies in Political Humor, edited by Villy Tsakona and Diana Elena Popa.
Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2011

Christie Davies,
England                                                                                                                                                    185

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