Issue No. 1 - October 2011
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Papers in English


Inaugural Editorial
Ephraim Nissan | Arie Sover

  Jokes and Pranks: The Compulsive Liar Healed, the Congregation Made to Behave Awkwardly, and the Character ‘Such a One’ Reduced to a Dog. Baghdadi Jewish Variants, Heretofore Unsignalled, Respectively Amenable to the International Tale Types 1543 C* (Oicotypised); Vaguely 1828* (an Oicotypised Predigtschwank), and 1138 (Quite Loosely, Unadapted) abstract
Ephraim Nissan

Neuroscience of Humor Processing: A Selective Review abstract
Roman Rozengurt

English abstracts of the Hebrew papers

  Papers in Hebrew
Inaugural Editorial
Ephraim Nissan | Arie Sover

Emotional Intelligence and Humor: A Kaleidoscope on the World
Daniella Keidar

The Language of Verbal Humor
Arie Sover

  Transgressed Conversational Maxims and Ambivalent Information in Hebrew Comedy Sketches
 Dror Kastel

Humor - A Salvation from Salvations?
Lydia Amir

  Imbibed With Humor, Not Wine: An Examination of the Anthology of Poems Bat Yayin (Daughter of the Wine) by Bracha Serri
Lea Baratz

  Illustrated Poems for Children in Yiddish and Hebrew, by Shmuel Tsesler — Three presentations: About the Bilingual Book Illustrated Poems for Children in Yiddish and Hebrew | Yechiel Szeintuch ||| Humor for Children from Argentina | Adina Bar-El || Humor in the Translation of Shmuel Tsesler’s Poems from Yiddish into Hebrew | Ruth Zakovitz
  Hebrew abstracts of the English papers

The Entire English Part of Issue 1
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